Welcome to St. Anselms Sr. Sec. School, Phulera



St. Anselms Sr. Sec. School

Sambhar Road, Phulera (Raj.)

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Withdrawal Procedure

(i) Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar months' notice in writing is to be given by the parent or guardian. A month fee is to be paid if no notice of withdrawal is given.
(ii) Students leaving in April or May must pay their fees for May and June.
(iii) A Transfer Certificate or any other document will be issued only if all the dues of fees have been paid and all library books retuned.
(iv) A notice of 2 Days must be given for any certificate or official document required from the school.
(v) If a child has once been withdrawn from the school, the Admission Fee must be paid again on readmission.


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Welcome to St. Anselms Sr. Sec. School, Phulera